• What is the proper way to cycle power on a dispenser?

    The only safe way to cycle power on a dispenser is to turn off the circuit breaker for 10 seconds and then turn back on. The circuit breaker for a dispenser breaks both the hot and neutral lines to ensure there is no feedback.

  • Is cycling power on a dispenser the proper method to clear errors and get it working again?

    Most errors can be cleared by cycling power to a dispenser, but more serious errors will require a cold start of the pump controller. Recurrent errors require the attention of a technician to diagnose the underlying problem causing the errors.

  • How can basic maintenance calls be avoided and are parts available to purchase?

    Basic maintenance items can be performed at the site level, but caution must always be taken when working with fuel dispensing equipment. There is always a risk of fire or explosion, product release, and bodily injury. Before attempting maintenance, you must be familiar with removing power to the piece of equipment, proper operation of fire/impact valves, personal protective equipment, proper tools, and other safety items. Parts and maintenance items are available for purchase through our website or by contacting one of our office/warehouses.

  • What is the warranty coverage on replacement parts?

    The majorities of replacement parts carry a one (1) year warranty for the part only, and do not include labor, travel, or mileage costs. Exceptions to the one (1) year warranty include items such as printers, consumables such as lamps or printer toner, and other specialty items.

  • What is the most common cause of equipment failure?

    There are many causes of premature equipment failure such as customer abuse, lack of upkeep, storm/weather damage, and operator/customer error. Most electronic failures occur because of heat build up or component level failure on integrated circuit boards. Other failures such as valves or motors are most commonly caused by normal wear.

  • Why am I not able to get a technician cell phone number and call them directly?

    When a technician is on a customer’s location, OEC wants to ensure that technician is giving that customer their full attention without interruption. If you need to speak with a technician, the best way to get in touch with them is contact Service Dispatch and they will send a notification to the technician who will call upon completion of their current assignment.

  • How do I get emergency service after hours?

    OEC maintains a 24 hour on call rotation to provide emergency service to our customers who maintain an account in good standing. For those customers who wish not to maintain an open account, a pre-pay agreement and deposit option is available to permit after hour’s service. OEC does not have a COD option for after hour’s service. To contact our on call technician, simply call any of our offices, follow the prompts or select option 1 for service and you will be directed to our on call answering service. Please be prepared to provide your site name, site phone number, your name, and a brief description of your service request.

  • How do I know when to contact the manufacturers help desk or when to contact OEC?

    It is always best to contact the manufacturer first. Even if it is an issue that they cannot assist with, they do maintain a history of calls and will document your concerns. It will also allow an OEC technician to contact the manufacturer and review troubleshooting that has already occurred, and reduce the on site time required for repairs. If the equipment is covered by warranty, the manufacturer will in most cases contact us directly to arrange repairs.

  • What does the zone charge cover?

    The zone charge includes the technicians travel time and vehicle mileage. To maintain consistency, OEC calculates the zone charge from the nearest branch office even though the technician may travel from a different branch office. The zone charge is applied only once per call unless a return trip is required because of special order parts or other unusual circumstances.

  • How soon before the due date should I request testing or inspections?

    OEC maintains a record of previous testing/inspections and dates, and you should receive a reminder letter prior to the due date. Once you receive the reminder letter simply follow the enclosed instructions to have your testing/inspection scheduled.