Rotary 75,000lb Flush Mount w/ 30 Ramps

Rotary Parallelogram lifts are the Industry leader in Heavy Duty lifting systems.

The Parallelogram lift system is convenient for technicians. Being that the lift is not underground and has no EPA concerns.

Technicians can be more productive with easy access to the sides of the vehicle with no column obstruction, and the clear floor design allows for a clean and safe work area.

The lift includes standard patented negative rake/radius teeth heavy duty mechanical locks made of T-1 Steel. The benefits continue with automatic wheels chocks and a full length safety strip designed with increased productivity and safety as the main focus.

For ever greater performance, Rotary offers a host of options including:

* Built in lighting
* Rolling Jacks
* A variety of different capacities and ramp lengths.

Our Parallelogram lifts meet the ANSI/ALI ALCTV 1998 Standard, including the Third Party validation. Your assurance of certification is the gold ALI/ETL Certified Label affixed to every unit.

The 75/30F features the following specs:

* 75,000lb Capacity
* 30 Foot Ramp Length
* 324 Inch Maximum Wheelbase
* Flush mounted for greater productivity and safety.

Rotary HD Lifts can be shipped to Wisconsin ONLY.

SKU# 75/30F

SKU: 75/30F
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