Rotary RTP9 9,000lb Base Plate 2-Post Lift

This new surface-mounted, frame-contact lift features baseplate equalization design for low clearance installations.

This lift can be installed in applications requiring as little as 9 5" of ceiling height!! Perfect for homeowners, and repair shops alike !

* Two full-stroke cylinders with leaf chains.

* The top-mounted pull design of the hydraulic cylinder protects the piston rod by placing it behind the carriage.

* Each column includes re-setting safety locks, and automatic arm restraint gears come on all arms.

* Installation kit with anchors and shims Included.

* There is an exceptional 97 1/4" drive thru clearance with this lift, and truck adapters (1.5", 3", & 6") are included. This lift requires only 113” of ceiling height for installation. The RTP9 features a 80 1/2" rise (w/adapters), a 2 HP single-phase motor requiring 220V 20-amp electric for operation. Available in blue only!

* Additional Information can be found here:
Rotary Revolution RTP9 Info.

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