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SKU: 40830P-DV
  • The Petro Clear 40830P-DV is designed and recommended for aftermarket use on low volume power pumps and gravity-flow applications, as well as various low volume agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.
  • The 40830P-DV is designed and recommended for use with gasoline and diesel fuels. It is compatible with alcohol-blended gasoline with 15% maximum alcohol. However, it is a particulate removing filter and will not react to presence of water. Phase separation will not be detected should it occur.
  • Petro Clear drain valve filters utilize a silicone treated media which coalesces the water causing it to collect on the bottom of the filter. This allows it to be drained by utilizing the petcock drain valve.
  • Case Quantity=12 filters
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Dimensions: 4 in × 4 in × 8 in