Petro Clear 1" 10 Micron Filter for Ethanol

Phase Separation & Particulate Removing For High Flow Fuel Dispensers •The Petro Clear 40510A-AD is an "Alert" model that is designed to detect phase separation in alcohol-gasoline blended fuels with 15% maximum alcohol. •The 40510A-AD offers dual protection. It identifies when phase separation occurs by slowing the flow from the fuel dispenser to less than 1 gpm. •The "Alert" model 40510A-AD is designed to be used with alcohol blended gasoline with 15% maximum alcohol, and is compatible with unleaded gasoline and regular gasoline eliminating the need to change filters if you change fuels. When making the initial change from regular fuels to alcohol blended fuels, the use of an "Alert" filter with synthetic glass media is recommended. Synthetic glass media has double the particulate capacity compared to cellulose media. The alcohol blends have a scouring effect which may result in a higher than usual particulate content, plugging the filter. SKU# 40510A-AD

SKU: 40510A-AD