Samson 2161 Rigid Oil Meter

Samson 2100 Series Oil Meter. Patented electronic circuit board for todays high quality demands. Precision engineered oval gears with 200 pulses per unit of measurement. Uses standard AAA 1.5 volt alkaline batteries - available anywhere Twice the accuracy of other oval gear meters with maximum flow and minimum pressure drop. Battery replacement from top of the meter - no need to take meter apart. Memory remains intact indefinitely when replacing batteries. Simple infield memory calibration - no calculations or disassembling of the meter are required. Flange coupled and sealed to the control valve. No adapters or fittings to leak. (moisture proof) Large (quarts) batch display, resetable after each use. Permanent, non-resetable totalizer (gallons) for reliable inventory control. Extensively field tested for proven reliability in high volume applications. Tested and passed: pressure, humidity, temperature, impact, vibration, shock, and magnetic tests. Patented design with the newest manufacturing and assembly techniques for the lowest cost - highest quality electronic meter available - 5 year warranty.

SKU: 2161
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