Model FR711VA - 22GPM 115V Pump w/Meter

Fill-Rite FR711VA - 115 V AC 19 GPM Transfer Pump Your big vehicles and other equipment—bulldozers, graders, combines—with larger tanks always seem to be thirsty, so you need the ability to refuel quickly. The faster the better because, after all, time is money. How does Tuthill do it? At first glance, their new FR711VA system is similar to their trusty FR701VA, which has a 3/4" hose, manual nozzle, and 800 Series meter. With their new FR711VA, there are some distinct differences that begin at the pump discharge point. The FR711VA features a full 1" hose, an Ultra Hi-Flow nozzle, and a 900 Series meter. The result? Up to a 25-percent increase in flow rate.