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Product # Description
444TA-0100* Four Signal Tank Alarm Box, No Float Switches
44TA-LLFS* 36" Liquid-Level Float Switch Sub-Assembly
144TA-0100 Single Channel Liquid Level Tank Alarm
TGTA-0400 4" Tank Bung Gauge and Alarm Combo Fitting (OPW 61T required for use)

*NOTE: The OPW 144TA requires the OPW 44TA-LLFS. The OPW 44TA-LLFS must be purchased as a separate item.

Technical Specifications

  • Hazardous Location Approval: Class I, Groups C & D
  • Maximum Voltage:  7.2 Volts
  • Maximum Current:  8 ma. per input (32 ma. total)
  • Maximum Internal Capacitance:  23 uF
  • Maximum Internal Inductance:  33 mH
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature Rating:  60 deg C
  • Maximum Surface Temperature Classification: T4 Surface Code
  • Wiring limitations: 1000 foot maximum between the 144TA/444TA unit and any remote switch for each channel of the alarm. This assumes that maximum capacitance for any input is 60 nanoFarads and that the maximum inductance is 0.2 milliHenry per input (UL-913 A7.3)

NOTE:  This device is designed to work independently and should not be wired in parallel with another device, except as defined in the following instructions. 

Requirements for devices wired to the 144TA/444TA

  • Attached wiring and devices must be classed Intrinsically Safe
  • No voltage or current source
  • Maximum capacitance: 60 nanoFarads (.06 uF) per input
  • Maximum inductance: 200 microHenrys (.2 mH) per input

Float Switch Technical Information

  • Minimum liquid specific gravity: 0.45
  • Stem material: Stainless Steel
  • Float Material:  Closed Cell Buna-N (UL Approved) for gasoline services.
  • Max Pressure: 150 psi @ 70° F
  • Thread: 1/8" NPT

NOTE: When replacing the battery for the 144TA-0100, open the alarm box and locate the OPW number on the black battery module. If the number reads “C05346” then use the replacement part 15615M. If the number reads “144TA-0100” then use the replacement part 202891.

Price: $0.00
Dimensions: 1 in × 1 in × 1 in