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Specialty EV Hoist

  • EV Hoist lift design and installation

ALI Inspections Available

Now offering specialty hoist options for electric vehicles! Manufactured by Rotary, these new EV lifts are designed for strength and quality.

Available in 10,000 lbs. and 12,000 lbs. capacities!

Design & Installation

As electric vehicles become more popular so does the importance of having proper equipment available to service these types of vehicles. These newly designed Smartlifts give you the ability to lift all electric and standard vehicles with ease. OEC is excited to help you become a part of the future by supplying and professionally installing all hoist equipment.

Professional Services

When your equipment operates efficiently, your business operates profitably! That is why OEC is implementing quality service checks on all hoist and lube operations. Our technicians are highly trained to detect any sort of malfunction or damage to equipment and materials, ensuring you are in proper operating condition.

Inground Smartlift-SLW210 & SLW212

These smartlifts are uniquely designed with a wide stance and versatile features perfect for electric vehicles, exotics, and standard vehicles.

  • 48% More under-car clearance
  • 18% Greater reach for faster spotting
  • Trio™ Three Stage Arms
  • Interchangeable Adapters
  • Shockwave™ Technology- 2X the lifting speed

360° movement around vehicles with this specially designed, obstruction-free model!

Rotary Smart Lift
Rotary Smart Lift Design

Specifications on Rotary's new SMARTLIFTS®

Rotary's new SmartLifts
ALI Certification

In an effort to grow our hoist and lube services, our team has completed the Automotive Lift Certification through the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI). The ALI lift certification is the only accredited program in North America to test and validate that an automotive lift model meets the ANSI/ALI ALCTV standard for lift operations, safety requirements, maintenance, and inspection. Our ALI certified personnel have completed two rigorous exams that cover electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic principles, as well as basic automotive lift design and use. In addition, 12 practical experience inspections have been completed following ALI-approved inspection procedures and forms. Our service team understands the importance of maintaining your investment and are motivated to give you the best repair service that you deserve.

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Specialty EV Hoist Oil Equipment Company


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